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Battersea Ironsides RFC

Colonel E H St Maur Toope didn’t enjoy the best of starts for his 42nd Royal Tank Regiment Cadets XV. During that maiden season of 1944, both the Sea Cadets and 1258 Squadron ATC defeated his fledgling squad. Today though, his Ironsides are quite the formidable army – more than 1,000 of them fighting for the honour of the badge on the fields of south west London every week. And that’s just the juniors. 

The plastic gold chairs are stacked high in one corner with the rest of the tables and assorted chairs pushed to one side, probably to create a dancefloor. There’s also a pile of deflated air guitars and saxophones with accompanying chains, wigs and hats – clear signs of a good night at any rugby club.

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Topsy Ojo

Two Tests, two tries, against the All Blacks. Without even mentioning the 73 scores for London Irish, Topsy Ojo already has enough for a thousand after-dinner speeches. Alternatively, he could just hand the floor to Eden Ojo, now there’s a talker.  

Eden Ojo isn’t going to miss out on this interview. First, she pulls herself up onto the chair next to us to sit opposite her dad, as if ready to begin the questioning herself. Then, as the talking begins, she decides instead to jump down and move her chair next to dad. Finally, she realises that’s not close enough and abandons her chair altogether to sit on dad’s lap. 

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Style - j.Lindeberg

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“I had offers, a couple in France, but I don’t regret not moving though,” he insists. “At the time it was the right decision for me.”
— Topsy Ojo