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Extracts from the second issue of RUGBY...

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Marcus Smith

He ‘runs like Forrest Gump’, could’ve been in the next Jonas Brothers, almost played for Tottenham Hotspur and his dad is a country-hopping rugby international. His mum though, gave him the skills. This is Marcus Smith.

It was never in doubt. As long as his mum Suzanne had anything to do with it, Marcus Smith was always going to be something. His brothers, Tomas and Luc, too. Rugby players, footballers, pop stars. “I used to play guitar when I was younger,” explains Marcus. “My mum had this idea that she wanted to make us into a Jonas Brothers sort of thing – my youngest brother (Tomas) used to sing and play the piano, the middle one (Luc) played the drums and then it was me on guitar. I was never a big fan of the Jonas Brothers, but she loved them.

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Shetland RFC

‘We had to play Stornoway in the Western Isles. We took a 14-hour ferry, a six-hour bus ride and then another three-hour ferry. We lost. It wasn’t even a tour, just another league game. We’d left on Thursday night and got back to Shetland on Tuesday morning.’

Our plane is roughly the size of a Pringle can and, in high winds, appears to drop onto an airstrip that didn’t seem to be there a second ago. As we approached the island, falling lower and lower from the sky and ever-closer to the ground, the wait to see a bit of land vaguely resembling tarmac was endless. The gale force winds had already buffeted our intimate propeller plane (small enough to be able to see out of both windows without moving and perhaps, with a bit of a stretch, touch both sides) enough to make us regret the greasy sausage square we’d wolfed down at the last airport.

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All Mitsubishi RFC

At Kingsholm on a Wednesday afternoon, Gloucester played familiar yet completely unknown opposition. Chosen from a workforce of 33,000 and powered by one of the world’s biggest corporations, their visitors have built ships, planes and cars, designed cameras, brewed beer, and even won world rally championships.

For perhaps the only time in its history, Gloucester’s support is outnumbered at Kingsholm. The Shed is deathly silent. Even the cherry and white shirts have been taken off their backs, with the opposition wearing these colours. They’ve even got the Mitsubishi sponsorship. But then, they can probably justify it, given they are actually Mitsubishi or the All Mitsubishi Rugby Club to give them their proper title. 

“Football was definitely my sport until I was 15, but Tottenham broke me. They watched me for a couple of games, then I went for a trial...”
— Marcus Smith